Blessings and Baptisms

As unitarians we are not bound by religious rules and customs and so we are able to offer traditional Christian baptisms as well as more unique and personal ceremonies to welcome a new child into the family.

Blessings and Baptisms

The ceremony may be called a Naming, Dedication, Blessing, Thanksgiving Ceremony or Baptism. What is important for us is the commitment by the community, as well as the parents and friends, to offer the child love and support through their journey in life. The form and content of the ceremony will depend on discussions between the child's parents and leading Minister.

Most of our baptisms take place at one of our family services, although private ceremonies can be arranged. These services happen throughout the year and are arranged approximately every six weeks. They are always held at 1pm on Sunday afternoons.

If you would like to know more about having a Baptism/Child Blessing at Gateacre Unitarian Chapel, please contact our Chapel Leader via the Contact Us section on our website.

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